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mosQUITo - Sonic Repellent

1.97 usd

Audio and Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent - Dragonfly Strength!The mosQUITo application is a universal mosquito repellent with no ecological footprint. It heals mosquito bites before they happen!
What makes our repellent unique is its combination of traditional ultrasonic tones with the audible sounds of flapping dragonfly wings. This combination gives the repeller unparalleled effectiveness.
mosQUITo relies on a combination of various sonic signals, both in audible and ultrasonic ranges, to repel biting fertilised female mosquitoes. The audible sonic signal used by mosQUITo is that of the flapping wings of a dragonfly, the natural mosquito predator. The various ultrasonic signals mimic the sounds produced by mosquito males, which already fertilised female mosquitoes try to avoid. The ultrasonic signal variety is designed to cover most genera of the Culicidae family and that makes mosQUITo the most versatile and effective known application of that kind on the market.
Tests conducted in three diverse regions of the world - namely, QLD Australia, FLA United States of America and Siberia Russia - demonstrated, that up to 80% of subjects carrying on their bodies a smartphone running mosQUITo remained bite free after an hour-long exposure to mosquito infested areas. Without wearing a mosQUITo running device, the rate of getting bitten by a mosquito at least once under similar testing conditions was 100%.
The application is effective, easy to use and optimized for low battery usage.
We trust that you will enjoy happy bite-free outdoor activities with mosQUITo.